A New Adventure…

I am about to take a journey… a very scary journey, somewhat… but one that will, I believe, be very fulfilling and fruitful. It is the riskiest venture involving my passion of pouring into people since I started Mosaic Church in 2007. I will not divulge it all here… now… but I will in the […]

Take Heed!

SCRIPTURE:  “… Because I called, but you did not answer; I spoke, but you did not hear.  And you did evil in My sight and CHOSE that in which I did not delight: (Isaiah 65:12} OBSERVATION:  The LORD declared to Israel that He would judge their rebellion against Him… their forsaking Him for other gods… […]

When Things Seem Uncertain…

In times of uncertainty, it is important to know the God of the Bible – who has created all things and holds all things together by His powerful word and has revealed Himself to is through creation, through His Word, and through His Son, Jesus.  Although we may feel uncertain about our future, our security… […]

A Line in the Sand

Standards are important… in society, in organizations, in families, and in every place in which people have to interact with one another. Standards, of course, vary across these different entities; but they (should) exist, nonetheless. And, as such, there are times – especially within our family settings – that somewhat “difficult” conversations have to take […]

The Game Changer

Being an avid NFL football fan, I’ve watched many games over my lifetime… the majority being, of course, Dallas Cowboys games. 😉 And in many games, in review, we look back and we see a play in which clearly there was a change in momentum: a spectacular catch or run… maybe a punt/kick return… a […]

Grace Stoops!

I was reminded tonight in a very gut-wrenching, but very powerful, way about THE GRACE OF GOD…UNDESERVED favor… His benevolent love for us that causes Him to bend down toward us.. to STOOP, in all of His kingly glory, toward us… who are dirty, filthy, raggedy, and probably smelly. Yet He stoops. HE STOOPS!!! We […]


Been recently thinking about pursuing graduate studies… a Master’s in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Seems very, very beneficial… and could open some serious consulting doors for me! Just starting my research on it now, but stay tuned! We’ll see what God says… 😉

Riding Out the Storm

One of the most important facets of fulfilling our purpose is having strong character.  And there is nothing more telling of our character than when…and how.. we go through a crisis.  But let me be clear:  Our character is not formed in moments of crisis… crises simply cast a light on who we have already […]

Counting On Character…

Was talking to my youngest (Seth) this evening about the importance of developing early on a good work ethic. He starts his first job (a paid summer internship) in a couple of weeks, and just want to make sure he’s mentally ready… so, tonight’s emphasis was on BEING EARLY TO WORK. Even though they will […]

Don’t Say It!

  SCRIPTURE: Psalm 141:3 (ESV) “Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” OBSERVATION: One of the things I love about David is his honesty and transparency.  He never tries to act like he’s something he isn’t… no fakery, no presumption. And if he needs God’s help […]