Working Remotely… Pointers!

In light of the current global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are now – or will be soon – working from home… or, teleworking, working remotely, whatever you choose to call it.  Point is, you’re working at home and not at your office.  However, for many, this is a new endeavor… a transition […]

Clay Pots and Broken Vessels

This is a funny story (at least, I think so lol), and a little long… but a MUST READ. 😉 This JUST happened to me recently: I was watching a video clip a few nights ago on my phone, of a very prominent CEO who is known for his outstanding leadership. I had never heard […]

Blessed Are the Merciful…!

How we respond when others offend us not only speaks to our spiritual maturity (or lack thereof), but also may be an indicator of how God will deal with us.. for it is to the MERCIFUL that God shows His mercy. BE VERY CAREFUL, then, to refrain from vindictiveness… having a “payback” spirit does not […]

The Choice is Yours

From the beginning of time until today, it has always been the same: will we choose God or choose “the fruit”? To choose God is to say that we trust that what He has for us is way better than what we can provide for ourselves. To choose the fruit is to not only not […]

Why Don’t We Pray??

The only times I’ve never given my kids what they ask for basically falls into two categories: 1) if what they request is not good for them; or 2) I simply do not have the resources to honor their request. THINK ABOUT THIS: our Heavenly Father never has a “resource problem”… He is not limited […]

UNSTUCK: Submitting to God

Sometimes life can get so heavy, it feels like your entire world is crashing in. You can’t move… you can’t see… you don’t really even know what to do. You’re STUCK… and ready to give up. And that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do: throw in the towel, wave the white flag, give […]

Feeling Down?

“The best cure for ‘the dumps’ is the Word of God.” One of my Bible college professors, Bill McCloud, shared these words with me almost two decades ago… and I found myself a couple of months back thinking about his words. I was feeling somewhat discouraged, maybe a little depressed… I’m sure my bride could […]