“Take a Good Look at My Face…”

Since I was young, I’ve been a huge football fan. In my early to mid teens, I collected football cards, and kept track of all the statistics of my favorite players! I dreamed of one day meeting them, and being able to say, “Hi, Mr. So-and-so… I’ve been following your career ever since you left college! You’ve rushed for ____ yards, and have run for ___ touchdowns!” I could always imagine their eyes getting big and a huge smile forming on their face, as they looked down on me… their biggest fan.

Everyone likes to be known.

I remember visiting a church years ago, and after the message I went to talk to the pastor… whom I didn’t know very well, but had met him before. When he saw me (and I’ll never forget this), he said, “Darren Plummer! Let’s see… ” and he rattled off a list of things I’d been doing over the last few years up until that time. I was tremendously impressed… and humbled… because this man of God had taken the time to find out about me, and keep track of me.

Everyone likes to be known. Smokey Robinson sang a song years ago, in which the chorus was:

“Take a good look at my face…
You’ll see my smile looks out of place…
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace…
The tracks of my tears.”

There is an innate need within all of us to be known by others… to know that people genuinely care and are concerned about us. And that need or desire goes far beyond surface things like our name, our accomplishments, where we live, what we do… but oftentimes, that’s where the connection stops. For most of us, we can laugh in the crowd, but we usually cry alone. In public, we smile as if everything is okay… but in private, the pain runs away our smile.

There is a verse tucked away towards the middle of the Bible that says, “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book” (Psalm 56.8). Don’t miss that! “… alleach one…”  There is not ONE pain that goes unnoticed; not ONE tear that is wasted. God is so intimately concerned with our lives, that He keeps track… not only of our successes and victories… but also the pain, the hurt, the drama, the backstabbings, the wrongful accusations, the sinful consequences, the unfair treatment at work, the failed relationships… HE KEEPS TRACK OF THEM ALL.

I don’t know about you… but I’m glad to know that Someone cares enough about me to not only celebrate with me in my “wins”, but will also cry with me in my painful “losses”, as well. I’m encouraged to know that God isn’t a fair-weathered friend, only around when I’m smiling… but He tracks with me when I’m hurting, too… because He loves me, and He wants to intimately know me

… and because He is my biggest fan.

Until next time,
D Plum


3 thoughts on ““Take a Good Look at My Face…”

  1. Darryl,
    You are truly blessed. I am fortunate that God always either provides or leads me to the provision. I say that as He leads me to unfamiliar places to give me what I need. I have never, ever read anyone’s blog. Today, He led me to yours for a blessing as I needed to hear those exact words.

    Much Love and Continued Blessings,

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