Monday Musings!

* Had an awesome time at Soul Purpose Church yesterda!  Felt SO good to be back up… didn’t know how much I’d missed it… almost as if I hadn’t skipped a beat. 🙂

* Great people at SPC… looking forward to worshiping with them again soon…

* Matt Gregory is doing a great job there… proud of my brother from another mother!  He’s an awesome friend, too! 😉

* Have to admit, though… missed being at Shadyside in the AM, and at National Community Church in the PM… see you guys next week!

* Just spoke from my heart today, about the importance of regularly being in the Word.  The last 18+ months has been a crazy journey for me… one in which I’ve learned some very valuable (albeit costly) lessons.  And one thing I can say from experience: whenever I’ve blown in personally, it has been a direct result of neglecting the Word of God and prayer.  No if’s, and’s or but’s about it…

* One of the things that excites me the most about the ministry opportunities that are popping up is that every single one is taking place in a context where the leader knows my story… and feels the prodding of God to have me share anyway.  That is so humbling that I can’t even put it into words.  Only God…

* Sang three of my favorite worship songs today: Blessed Be Your Name, Your Grace is Enough, and From the Inside Out… I never tire of those!!

* Was able to recover several of my Senior Pastor Teleconference Coaching Network sessions with Nelson Searcy… thought I’d lost them on my computer, but I’m SO amped I didn’t!  These sessions were extremely valuable to me personally, and I look forward to being able to utilize the info sometime in the future.  This is some good stuff!

* Always enjoy my time with my sons!  These guys are incredible… they’re not perfect (whose kids are?), but they make me SO PROUD.  Entering the teen years, which is bringing some unique challenges for me and their mom… but it’s making me pay attention to my own life more, and how much I have to set an example for them IN EVERYTHING.

* Thankful for my journey… the things we go through in life are not always pleasant, but He gives a greater grace..grace that is greater than ALL our sin!

Til Lata,


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