Starting Right…

I had the opportunity to address a group last night that is involved in a church planting venture… and let me first say, I loved having this opportunity.  Starting new churches may be my greatest passion, and I never want to be not helping start them in some form or fashion.  Tonight, I was able to do that from the consulting side, and I loved it!

I basically went in and shared my heart on what church planting is and what is isn’t.  My friend leading the church plant had shared with me that he hadn’t yet cast a compelling enough vision as to what is really involved in the process… so, that was my role tonight: tell them what they need to know.

I did a whole lotta things wrong when I started Mosaic… things I’d definitely want to do better if I ever had the opportunity to plant again.  And over the next few days, I’m gonna share a handful of mistakes that I made on my journey… things that, hopefully, will help other young church planters and their teams to start off right.  So here’s the first one:

MISTAKE #1: Not Paying Enough Attention to Corporate Prayer

This was a biggie.  I should have had our launch team praying hard! And I don’t mean just coming together to pray for Aunt Jo’s foot surgery, or the coworker’s sister “back home” who lost her job… not that those things aren’t important… but coming together to pray about church-planting-specific things. We needed to be praying for more and more connections with unchurched people; ideas for community outreaches; boldness in sharing the Gospel; funds/resources for the new church… we needed to pray for God to demonstrate His power and faithfulness in helping us to make disciples (Matt. 28.18-20).

Leading the church plant team to depend on God in prayer is huge!  People need to be constantly reminded that God wants to do God-sized things, but we usually have not because we ask not.  People need to see God’s faithfulness on a regular basis… and that comes only through cultivating our hearts to be expectant and dependent on God – who ALONE can get His church off the ground.

Prayer is major… the great missionary Hudson Taylor once said, “God’s work, done in God’s way, gets God’s results.”

Prayer is “God’s work done in God’s way”… and our new churches will limp without it.

Until lata,


One thought on “Starting Right…

  1. Hey Darren, I can totally agree with you here. I think we need to prayer more than anything else. I feel that it builds our faith first of all and second it keeps us focus on God. I look forward to the next installment.

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