Sunday Nite Speak!

Had a good day today… was in my “regular” venues – Shady Side First Baptist in the a.m., and National Community Church in the p.m.  I have to be honest… I thought, at first, that I would quickly tire of doing both – especially since the styles are so totally different.  But I really look forward to serving at  both places!

At Shady Side, I’m able to draw on my “conservative Bible Church” roots and the singing of hymns… and keeping in mind where the congregation is, but also trying to “stretch” them some, I’m challenged every week to attempt to lead in a way that the people there are ushered into the presence of God while not being totally shaken from what they’re used to.  A lot of fun indeed. 🙂

At NCC, the challenge for me is that my intro into “church music” some 23+ years ago was as the leader of a youth choir… then the adult choir.  From there, I’ve always led worship teams whenever I’ve been involved in a music ministry… very seldom have I been simply part of a band.  So, I could get away with just playing “anything” while I led from the piano… OR, I’d lead while away from the piano.  Now, I’m having to “stay in my lane” musically… and it’s challenging, but FUN!!  Whether I’m singing background vocals or just playing keys, I can focus on worshiping without having to “worry” about leading! 😀  Still feel a little overwhelmed being so new at NCC and not knowing many people.  I can definitely feel people who say they like small churches! 🙂

But thoroughly enjoying myself at each house of worship!  Here were the two worship sets from today”

Shady Side
– Holy, Holy, Holy – hymn
– He Lives (CHOPPED UP the intro, lol!!!!) – hymn
– You’ve Won My Affection (Israel Houghton/Kurt Coffield)
– Lord, I Give You My Heart (Hillsong)

– Beautiful One (By the Tree)
– Reign In Us (Starfield)
– How Great is Our God (Tomlin)
– Consuming Fire (Tim Hughes)

Can’t wait til next week! 🙂


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