Book Mentors

Over the last several months, I’ve tried to gather some guys around me who (and I got this from Perry Noble) I know 1) love me… 2) love Jesus more than me… and because they love me but love Jesus more than me 3) they’re not afraid to speak the truth to me.  Some guys have been great with this… others haven’t… but for the most part, I’ve got a good group of guys I can count on.

But one thing I’ve always tried to do is find good book mentors… men (or women) who I may never meet (although I have met some who are listed below), but who can impact my life from their writings.  Over the years, I’ve had some really good ones: Bill Hybels, Warren Wiersbe, Andy Stanley, Margaret Feinberg, Wayne Cordeiro.  But as of recent, I’ve added another name to that list: Larry Osborne. Larry is a pastor in California, and writes for both leaders and “non-leaders.”  His books couple the wisdom of a sage with the loving heart of a dad.  I’m currently reading 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe… and will follow that up with Sticky Church, Sticky Teams, and The Unity Factor.

If you don’t yet have a book mentor, I’d highly recommend you consider getting yourself one or two.  And if you need suggestions, you know where to turn! 😉

Until lata,
D Plum 😉


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