Sunday Nite Speak!

* Had a good Sunday… always enjoy worshiping both with First Baptist Shady Side and National Community Church. 🙂
* Did a new song (for me) this morning at FBS… Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful.  Great song… you can view it here, performed by Jesus Culture.
* Good message from Pastor Dave this morning, on remembering why we take Communion.  😉
* Pastor Mark’s message really convicted me tonight… especially his 7 Keys 2 Criticism.  I think I’m gonna unpack that later this week… really good stuff!  He starts a new series next week called “Gospel”… can’t wait!
* Tonight, Kurtis pulled out an old favorite… Let My Words Be Few.  Hadn’t heard that one in a minute… it was right on time!!  LOVE serving with KP… wish I could’ve done Revelation Song with them tonight… but I needed the break, lol.
* Had a great time hanging out tonight after The Gala service… hope this becomes a regular thing on Sunday nights. The discussions usually end up being very thought-provoking and enlightening. 🙂  Great company and connection with a great group of peeps!
* The Redskins won, so they’re fans have come out of hiding, lol!
* Really liking a new author I got turned on to… Keith Ferrazi… 2 great books: Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your back. Must reads!
* Starting my new job tomorrow… SUPER SICED!!!  Looking forward to a great week… will keep you guys posted!! 🙂

Until lata,
D Plum 😉


One thought on “Sunday Nite Speak!

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