So, I started my first day in sales with National Teachers Associates, an insurance company specializing in disability insurance for public school teachers… and it was incredible!!! We’re in training this week, but so far I’m loving hearing about the history of our company and our sales team (who… little did I know… is the  top sales team across the country for the entire company).  Our team is AWESOME… consistent top producers and incredible sales professionals!  They are making it SO EASY for us new guys to transition in… LOVE IT!!

I remember last year… upon my transition out of full-time pastoral ministry… I felt lost, disillusioned, and confused… because I just didn’t know WHAT I would now do with my life.  Being a PASTOR had defined me! I didn’t necessarily live for a title, but I lived to do ministry.  But, the truth is, wherever God places us IS MINISTRY!! Now, yes… I do hope to join the staff of another church someday (hopefully in the near future), but I don’t see me doing it full-time for a while.  Now, I could be wrong about that… but NTA is right now my primary ministry… and I am very excited about the opportunities with this company!

Oh, man… you’ll definitely be hearing more from me on this… YEAH, BABY!!!! 🙂

Until lata,
D Plum 😉


5 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Awesome Plummer–man I am glad to here of this news! Man keep you face in Abba’s chest for He knows the plans He has for you! To borrow a line from the late James Cleveland–“Stay rapt up (lost in delight), tied up, and tangeled up in Jesus for He is all you need!” Spread the positive vibe go with God bro!

  2. @John: Thx, Morg! I’ll try to holla soon… been crazy busy this week. 😉
    @Bonita: yup, Cuz… been blogging for 3-4 years now. 😉 Hope you enjoy!

  3. Happy for you, Darren. Life is full of transitions — this won’t be the last. But as we mature in Christ, we realize that we are never to hold on to anything too tightly. We’re pilgrims, dude! Gotta be ready to move and flow w/the Holy Spirit whenever He says “go.” I pray this will be a great experience for you!

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