Tuesday Thoughts…

Okay, so Tuesday is almost come and gone… DON’T JUDGE ME!!  (I like saying that, lol)  But better late than never… so I thought I’d post some thoughts from the last few (maybe several, since I haven’t posted in about a week) days…

* My sons and I had our own little crab feast on Saturday.  It was the first… yes, you read that right… the FIRST time they’d had crabs.  Actually, only Darren, Jr. and Shawn (my two oldest) tried them… Seth was like, “No way… get me some Popeye’s!!”  🙂  DJ was grossed out after about two… and Shawn was able to hang with Daddy Roc and throw down about SEVEN of those bad boys!!  GOOD TIMES!
* Shawn is hilarious… anything Dad does, he wants to do… PERIOD.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s… “Dad does it… I wanna be like him… so that’s what I’m doing!”  No matter what it is… if I tell Shawn I ate a worm, he’s out the door, diggin’ up dirt!  Is that super cool or what?? 😀
* What if we were more like Shawn… in our desire to be like Jesus??
Another great day of training!  Lovin’ it!
* This past Sunday went really well… led worship in the a.m. at Upcounty Church, near Germantown, MD.  Had a great time there!
* Missed our “hanging out” time after NCC Gala on Sunday nite… always good to build strong connections.
* Hitting a couple of leadership hangouts this weekend at NCC… thankful for being embraced.  I’ve been shown a lot of love at here… great to have awesome leaders who want you to succeed!
* Ran into my man JT tonight downtown after my rehearsal… got a chance to chop it up (he loves that phrase, lol) with him for a while.  I love this dude… like a little brother… mad gifted and very passionate about Jesus.  God’s got huge things in store for him! 😉
* The past 18 or so months have been quite the journey… at times, I wanted to give up.  Now, it’s awesome to see God positioning me for the next 12 months and beyond to be totally mind-blowing in so many different ways: spiritually, emotionally, financially, vocationally, educationally, relationally… 2011 is going to be an incredible year.  Can’t wait to see what the naysayers have to say about that. 😉
* Very thankful for the humbling mercy of God.  Shouldn’t even be here… but I am… and glad He’s still using me. 🙂

Next post… “FAILURE: It Doesn’t Have to be Final!”

Until next time,
D Plum 😉


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