Very Grateful

This time last year, I was working a job that I wasn’t at all trained for… pretty much in over my head… and I would lose that job just two short months later.  That would cause an unemployment tailspin so stupendous that I would barely be able to catch my breath.

After I lost my job, I battled with depression, anxiety, insecurity… you name it, I battled it. 🙂  Yet, God was faithful… and as I continued to trust CLING desperately to Him, I began to see doors open and provision made… in situations that seemed almost hopeless. 

I’m very grateful for my life… very grateful to be able to serve a God who cares about every single detail of my what’s going on with me. I mess up… He corrects me… but never stops loving me…

…and I continue to cling to Him.  Desperately.

Til lata,

D Plum 😉


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