Sunday Nite Speak

* Bittersweet day… started great, ended crazily. :-/

* Had a great time, as always at Soul Purpose Church!  Then, lunch and piano lessons with my good friends Crystal and Amber… you guys are making tremendous progress with your playing… proud of you. 🙂

* Felt a little off-balanced preaching today… still adjusting to working a full-time job and having to preach on Sunday.  But the Lord blessed, in spite of my awkwardness. 🙂

* We looked at some principles from Luke 15… the parable of the Prodigal Son… and talked about the Road to Restoration… returning from the far country.

* The far country… a place for which we were never intended… a place in which we can never prosper… and a place from which we must ultimately leave if we want to experience God’s best in our lives.  We’ve all left, at some point in our lives, the blessings and safety of Papa’s House to venture out to the far country… and He’s always waiting with open arms for our return!

* Spent the evening at NCC with my sons… great message on parenting from Pastor Mark Batterson.  Man, I love my pastor’s laugh… he’s so full of joy… very contagious!! 🙂

* Next week, I’ll be speaking at Victory Church in Falls Church, VA… can’t wait!  Led worship there once… looking forward to sharing the Word there!

* On a not so great note, my dad was rushed to the hospital tonight… my mom found him unconscious on the bedroom floor.  So far, the doctors don’t know what happened… maybe a small stroke or a seizure.  Doesn’t look, at this point, like it’s life-threatening… but it was VERY SCARY!! :-/  PLEASE keep Pop in your prayers, as he’s still not responsive!

* Okay… what a day. Very tired.  Concerned about Pop.  I know God’s got it, tho…

Til lata,
D Plum


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