Sunday Nite Speak!

– I continue to be impressed with Centerpoint Church! Telling you, nothing “glitz and glam” about the ministry… just real stuff.

– Went to my first CC Life Group on Wednesday… loved it.  Also, loved the icebreaker we did… def helped to “break the ice”. 😉

– Had a great conversation with a buddy on Friday: it’s not enough for churches to make guests and newcomers feel welcomed… they must feel included, or they won’t be there for long.

– Just solidified two ministry engagements for July… super pumped!  More about those a little later…

– Getting ready to do a study on prayer.  It need to step it up in that area… fo sho!!

– Still hopeful about an imminent resolution to this NFL lockout…

– In the meantime, I’m enjoying the success of my Red Sox (just ended a FOUR GAME SKID today)…. as well as the hottest team in baseball… the Washington Nationals!

Until lata,
D Plum 😉


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