Casey Anthony & the Justice of God


A noble word, but… also a “loaded” word.  Loaded, because – honestly – we only think it’s noble when we’re not the ones standing in judgment.  When we can point the finger at someone else, and cry, “JUSTICE!  JUSTICE NOW!!” then yes, how noble is this thing called justice!

Casey Anthony.  A household name nowadays… infamous for “killing” her 2-year old daughter.  But… did she really?  The truth of the matter is, WE DO NOT KNOW!  Not really!  We think we have the answers… we think the evidence points to her as a heinous, murderous mother – and, if I’m being honest, I did too – but we really… do not… KNOW.  At least, not beyond the shadow of a doubt.  My very good friend, Paul Harvey (the real one, not the radio personality… lol)  hit the nail on the head when he said, “If any of us, who not only don’t have the information presented as evidence during the trial, but don’t even live in proximity of the jurisdiction, have some proof we should have submitted it to the courts.” Very well-said, Paul!

Our “justice” system is designed – they say – to protect the innocent.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.  I don’t know if justice has failed little Caylee or not… but this I do know: God alone will be the ultimate Judge of Casey Anthony… but He will be your Judge, too… and mine.  The Bible says, “For we have all sinned…”, and we all fall short of the holy, perfect standard of God.  And God’s justice and holiness DEMANDS that our sins be paid for.  ALL of them.  The ones that tripped you up and everybody knows about… the ones that only you and certain people know about… and the ones that only you and God know about.  THEY ALL MUST BE PAID IN FULL!  Thankfully for us, we don’t have to – and could never – pay for them… because Jesus has already done that on the cross!  “Christ suffered for our sins once for all time.  He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God” (1 Peter 3:16, NLT).

I saw this written on someone’s Facebook wall today: “An acquittal of guilt is not the same as a declaration of innocence.”  I agree… that may be true of Casey Anthony… it is definitely true of you and me before God.  So, go ahead with your arguments and debates about whether or not this verdict was fair… there is nothing wrong with a healthy debate.  But we can’t go on for too long before stopping to ask ourselves this question:

What… about… me??”


3 thoughts on “Casey Anthony & the Justice of God

  1. I am a believer and the evidences was overwhelmingly against Casey Anthony. First of all your not God, your comments don’t hold any water. You and I, the folks from this website, the plum line I pretty sure we all done evils things or had negatives feeling toward others. Whoever wrote this article, God is a holy and a loving God, but God do not torelanted, hated sins. The questions is what we do with those evils thoughs. As in the case of Casey Anthony.

    Whoever wrote this article do you know the death penalty was stated in the bible somewhere in the old testament. Again who wrote this you only seeing Jesus and God as loving person. Jesus over turned the table threw the people out of the temple, saying the temple was for people to worship God.

    My final message to the people who defended her, the person who wrote this article, even including I myself some day when we all passed away, God is going to hold us accountable for our actions. Right now I think alot of people, including believers asking God where is justice? Since the death penalty was stated in the bible, I will not defend anybody who took an innocent life. Life is too precious.

    1. Johnny Wong!! 🙂 Good to hear from you… don’t believe we’ve met… but thanks a bunch for your comment. First, I appreciate your thoughts… sounds like you’re a lover of Jesus… good to hear that. Also, sounds like you’re a believer in justice, which is really awesome bc God is not only loving but also righteous and just. He never tolerates sin. But, I have to say, I think you’re reading into my post: I never dismissed God’s holiness nor did I defend Casey Anthony’s actions. In fact, I believe she did it… and I don’t think justice was serve correctly. HOWEVER… I also believe that the jury performed their sworn duty to pass a verdict BASED ON THE EVIDENCE. I don’t think the evidence was 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT… and, unless you were with Casey Anthony when Baby Caylee died, I don’t think you can rightfully say – WITHOUT A DOUBT – that she killed her baby. You charged me with “not being God”. You’re right… but neither are you. 😉

  2. If Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her baby (which, I believe, is closer to the truth than that she’s innocent), then she has not escaped justice. She will stand before a holy God and give an account for her sins.

    My post, Johnny, was written with a slant toward those who act (by some of their remarks) as if they had more evidence than the jury… which, being the case – as my friend Paul said – they should’ve come forward and presented that evidence to the court. 😉 In situations like this, all we can do is trust the righteous sovereignty of God. And yet, there’s still a sense where it should remind us of all the MANY times God should have (and COULD rightfully have) smashed us for our sins… and didn’t. Just sayin. 😉

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