Monday Musings

* Had an awesome day leading worship at South Potomac Church… amazing friends there… always feel welcome, like being home!

* One thing that was strange is that their 9am service is livelier than their 11am… it’s usually the other way around! 🙂

* Love my friend, Dave Huffman, Senior Pastor at South Potomac!  His messages are biblical… and funny! 

* Dave gave a great message today on encouragement.  Encouragement is something we should expect both to receive and give.  When we practice being encouragers, it becomes a contagious thing. 

* Always love being reminded of the “encouragement link” in the Bible between Barnabas, Paul, and John Mark… a precious reminder that failure is not final… and that when we blow it, we need encouragers in our life so that we won’t stay down! (Somebody needs to HEAR THIS!!)

* When you fall, you don’t need me to remind you of how much of a sinner you are, you already know that!   Encouragement will often make the difference between a full recovery and a life that continues to falter.

* Missed my friends at Centerpoint today, though… will be glad to be back next Sunday morning!  Playing in the worship band there on the morning of the 24th… and then… PREACHING on the 31st!  Can’t wait!! 🙂

* Also missing my peeps at NCC Gala… haven’t been there in a month… looking forward to worshiping with them on the evening of the 24th!

* Have been going through some personal storms… needing wisdom/guidance… thankful we serve a God who says, “Ask… seek… knock”!!

* Wondering: why do we always wait for TOUGH TIMES to drive us to our knees? 

* We love God’s PROMISES… and we love His PAYOFF (the fulfillment of the promise)… but we don’t like the journey in-between the two!!  Can’t wait to preach this at Centerpoint… on the 31st… come on out!  (shameless plug, lol)

* I’m convinced… I have the greatest sons in the world.  I love my boys… miss seeing them on a daily basis, but I love the tight connection we have.  Learning alot about my relationship with my heavenly Father from my three princes!

* Totally random: my Pop gave me a CD of Run DMC’s Greatest Hits… lol… sweet!! 🙂

* Looking forward to a great week… needing God to come through on some things… loving the faith walk and journeying with Jesus! 😉


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