Sunday Nite Speak!

* Had a great day today… spoke at Victory Church… from this passage… about developing what God has given us to its fullest potential!

* God has given us gifts and abilities to glorify Him, and to be a blessing to others!

*Many of us are unfulfilled, bc we don’t know what God has called us to do!

* We find our fulfillment… in life and in ministry… when we we are in our “sweet spot” – that place where we are both EXCITED and EFFECTIVE!! 

* Our sweet spot is also confirmed by others… they miss us when we’re absent!

*Not developing what God has given us is not only unwise, but it also dishonors God… and eventually frustrates us.  When we refuse to use… we choose to lose. 

* Was interviewed by author Dr. Kathleen Garces-Foley today, about race relations in the Church and multicultural/multiracial ministry.  Anyone who knows me, knows that’s a HUGE passion of mine!

* As much as I love speaking and leading worship at different places, it pales in comparison to being in one place and watching God grow that ministry!  I miss that!!

* Gonna have some major decisions to make in the near future, ministry-wise.  Not sure what, but I can feel God stirring in my heart in some areas.  Excited… but anxious, at the same time!

* School starts tomorrow… can’t believe Darren, Jr. is in 10th grade!  And Shawn is in his last year of middle school.  Jeezie peezie!!  Time really flies… 🙂

*Speaking of time flying… where did the summer go??? :-/

* Was asked by a very good friend to start a Bible study… very seriously considering it.  Lots of ideas for this thing!! 🙂

* Looking forward to Catalyst 2011, Oct. 5-7!  Haven’t been in 3 years… Catalyst is always BANANAS!!


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