Home Sweet Home!

After a month away… vacation, followed by 3 straight weeks of speaking/leading worship at other places… I finally get to come home.  I’ve missed Centerpoint!  Saw some of my fellow Centerpointers tonight, and they were like, “Are you coming to church tomorrow?  You’re really gonna be there??”  Dang.  lol.  But it is good to be missed. 🙂

Been awhile since I’ve felt this much love… glad to call Centerpoint home.

Glad to be a part of a church that is serious about making it difficult for people to go to hell.

Glad to be a part of a family that is willing to do whatever it takes to reach people who are far from God.

Home sweet home… ahhhh.  I’ve missed you guys. 🙂

Tomorrow, I also make my “debut” with the worship team… with my very gifted friend, Mark LeHew.  So excited as to what God is doing at Centerpoint… looking forward to a great day tomorrow!


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