Monday Musings

– Had a great time at Centerpoint yesterday… sang there for the first time with the worship band… sweet! 🙂
– Worship set: Saving One (Starfield), From the Inside Out, You Are My King (old school, baby!), and Amazed (Lincoln Brewster).  Jamie Collins and I were rockin’ the harmonies, and Mark LeHew did an awesome job leading!
– I have to admit… sometimes it feels really good to not lead. 🙂
– Awesome message by Donnie Reynolds yesterday!
– He spoke about product placement… how God has positioned us as believers for prime impact, to make a divine difference  in the world.
– I wonder how many of us think regularly about our daily lives from that standpoint: What divine appointment does God have in store for me today?
– We miss ALOT of opportunities because we’re usually so focused on meeting our own needs.
– How would our lives be different if we lived from a perspective of expectancy… looking forward to being a blessing to others, and sharing with them all that God is doing in our lives?
The greatest apologetic is a changed life… period.
Had the opportunity to spend the evening with some good friends yesterday.  Great food and great conversation is an awesome way to end the day!! 🙂  Thanks for having me over, John and Marina!
About to go hit the gym… challenged yesterday from Donnie’s message, when he talked about making changes in our lives.  Started reading THIS book last night… so far, so good. 😉
Looking forward to an afternoon/evening of reading and resting today… on Labor Day… go figure! 🙂


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