Start a Conversation!

They’ve become the talk of the town… you either love ’em, or you hate ’em… they’ve created some MAJOR BUZZ… who the SKIPPY wears the state flag on their uniforms??

The Maryland Terps football team… that’s who.

Created by Kevin Plank, founder and co-CEO of Under Armour… and himself a former Terp football player… these uniforms, if nothing else, have everybody talking about them!  And the consensus is divided: people either love the uniforms… or they hate them.  But that’s all good to Plank, as he himself says, “Our job is to start a conversation.”

Wow.  I love that.  Create buzz… and get a conversation started.

We need more of this in the CHURCH.  I mean, what better conversation piece than Jesus??  That’s why  I love ministries that are intentionally creative and compelling in their message.  And not just in church, but in our everyday lives, as well!  Some of us could really use some BUZZ!! 🙂  If you read through the life of Jesus in the Gospel narratives, one thing you’ll notice is that Jesus could never be side-stepped… he was never dismissed by the populace… you either loved Him or you hated Him, but you could never ignore Him.  And the apostle Paul, too… wherever he went on his missionary journeys, he either started a revival or a riot!   And this is what we ought Pl be aiming for as we try to reach people with the Gospel:

You can ACCEPT Jesus… or you can REJECT Jesus… but you CANNOT IGNORE Jesus!

He simply doesn’t leave us that option.

And we can do that by creating conversations!  Try posting a poll on your Facebook page about “Who do you think Jesus is?”  Or, preach a message entitled, “What the Bible Has to Say About Voyeurism“, and then teach on David and Bathsheba!  Or somethingjust create conversation… start a dialogue… GET PEOPLE TALKING

… because God has TOO MUCH that He wants to say to people who don’t know Him… and He’s gonna say it through me… and through you.

If we can get buzz started over a football uniform, how much more so about spiritual things? 😉

Until lata,


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