Sunday Nite Speak!

* Awesome day today at Centerpoint ChurchGreat message… great worship… great baptism… and great food!
* Donnie used my son DJ in an illustration… nice move!  Do what you’ve got to do to keep young people engaged!  (DJ DEFINITELY wasn’t falling asleep today, lol!)
* BIG UPS to Krista Rodgers and Brittany Biermann on their baptisms!
* Awesome that Bill Biermann got to baptize his daughter!!!  That HAS to be a great feeling!!  Can’t wait to baptize my boys!!!
* Had a visitor today, who – ironically – was a big as one of the fallen towers… he almost broke my hand, shaking it!  He hurt Donnie, too… I don’t feel so bad now. 🙂
* I DO feel bad, however, that I’ve stuck up for Tony “No Mo” Romo for so long… and he single-handedly is losing this durn game for us… :-/
* Romo is becoming a case study in Potential vs. Opportunity Lost!
you have to do something with it!!!
* Ugh… 27-24, Jets have taken the lead with 27 seconds to play.  I’m gonna go to sleep with an upset stomach…
* Oh, well… you win some, you lose some…
* Glad Jesus has won for us!
* Hey, I’ve gotta find SOME reason to celebrate, lol!! 😀


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