Sunday Nite Speak!

– Had a good day at Centerpoint… LOVED the first installment of Dave Ramsey’s message series!

– I have a couple of books I’m finishing up… but afterwards, I’m committing to only reading Ramsey books for the next few months.  Well, for the most part… I’ll still be reading – of course – my Bible – as well as fiction.  A good fiction gives my brain a break from heavy reading, so I need that every six weeks or so!

– Well, it’s time for THE COLOSSIANS CHALLENGE!!  If you hadn’t heard of it, now you have… a 30-day challenge to read the book of Colossians every day.  Go to our Facebook page… or, better yet, just take a look at the right side of this page… “like” it… and get started reading!

– Why the challenge?  And why Colossians?  Well, the challenge is because we ALL need to spend more time reading the Word of God.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get so busy and distracted because of “life”, that we forget God uses His Word and His Spirit to change us us and empower us  So, we’re just trying to get as many people reading the Word as possible.  Secondly… why Colossians?  Simple: it’s probably the most Christ-centered book in the Scriptures.  Most Christ-followers don’t have a problem saying they love Jesus… the problem comes in living like they love Jesus.  But we don’t learn to live that way without falling more and more in love with Him… and we don’t fall more and more in love with Him apart from the Bible.

– So, how do I participate in the Challenge?  First, get busy reading!  Set aside about 15-20 minutes every day to read through the entire book.  Second, mix it up!  Read it in different translations… or listen to it on CD.  Apart from reading… over the past few days… I’ve been listening to the first 2 chaps on my way to work, and listening to the last two on my way home.  Third, write down an observation from your readingsomething that the Holy Spirit has pointed out to you from what you read.  Keep it simple… 1-3 sentences is fine.  Then, finally… if you feel led… share your observation on the Challenge wall on FB.  It’s not necessary to post every day… but maybe commit to 1-2 days a week of posting your thoughts.  Hopefully at the end of the Challenge, many will post their reflections of how God changed them throughout this process!

– Okay, let’s get started.  Ready… set… GO!!!


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