The Colossians Challenge: Day 1

Okay, so today was “officially” the first day for The Colossians Challenge to begin… if you’re just finding out about it, no biggie… come on and join the journey!  The gist of the challenge is simply to read the book of Colossians (all four chapters) every day for 30 days.  That’s it.  You can post a thought on the FB page, if you’d like… or post on your own page… or tweet it… whatever.   Just read… and record somewhere a thought or thoughts about what the Holy Spirit brought to your attention that particular day.  You can record something every day, or every other day… or three days a week… it’s all up to you.  But usually, when we don’t write down what God says to us, we tend to forget it… which means we also do not apply it to our lives! 😉

So, my Day One thought is this: very thankful that God loves us enough to save us, forgive us, and secure eternally salvation for us. What an awesome God we serve!!  I need to be reminded of this when I’m discouraged or feel unappreciated.

Can’t wait to see what He has for me tomorrow! 😉


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