Sunday Nite Speak!

– Really enjoying the Dave Ramsey series at Centerpoint!  His message today was on “Getting Out of Debt… a very apropos message for everybody today, I’m sure!
– Great time with my sons this weekend!!  We saw the movie Real Steel… which we all thoroughly enjoyed, though the language was a lot more raw than I expected… for a family movie, anyway.  But… it was a good movie, and really accentuated the awesome themes of not giving up as the underdog, and the fact that your past does not have to dictate your future.  Aside from the language, we enjoyed it!
– On Friday night, we stayed up LATE to watch the old Sinbad movie, First Kid… still hilarious, after 15 years.  Funny dude! )
– Had been promising the boys that we’d get some crabs… but – although the place we went to had a great deal ($49 for 3 dozen reg males), that was too many crabs for us to devour!  So, we settled for couple lbs of some deliciously-wonderful shrimp!!  But if you know of some places that have great crab prices for less than 3 dozen… give me a holler (btw… this place would’ve charged me MORE for 2 dozen than 3 dozen… incredible).
Preached tonight at a little church called Lion of Judah Church… had a great time, with some great people!  Spoke on The Secret to Success from this passage!
– I preached kinda hard tonight… might not have a voice tomorrow! 🙂
Career day for my man DeMarco Murray today!  Cowboys rolled, 34-7… against the lowly Rams, but a win is a win!  253 yds on 25 carriesMOST rushing yds in Cowboy history!  Big ups, my man!!
– Tough day for the Skins… lol. 😉
– Well… it’s the SECOND WEEK for The Colossians Challenge!!  The first week was cool… great feedback and interaction on our Face Bizzle site!
– Prolly won’t post much on weekends… so, no pressure out there for anyone else who’s journeying with us… BUT… don’t drop off with your reading! 😉
The Word of God will change your life… if you let it!!
Wow… Michael Irvin just called Tim Tebow “God’s Son” on ESPN’s NFL Network!  That’s wassup!  Way to rep the Father, Mike!! 😉
Getting ready to start working on a message race/color/culture in Jesus’ church… looking forward to this!
– Will be speaking HERE next month, on the topic of Church Diversity… believing God for an OFF THE CHAIN message!!
for every opportunity I get to share the Word of God.  Grateful, because of His mercy… totally awesome God we serve. 🙂  YAY, GOD!!!!


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