Monday Musings

* Had an awesome time yesterday at Centerpoint Church!  It’s a great feeling to look forward to going to a place you love, week after week… so glad God led me here!
* Preached both services yesterday… Life Lessons in a Storm, from this passage… felt pretty good about the messages, but still feel a little “rusty” at times from not speaking regularly. 😉
* God wants the best for us, and is constantly growing us… but sometimes we don’t pay attention to what He’s saying, and so He uses “storms” – not only to get our attention,  but because He knows that the lessons learned in difficulty have a way of etching themselves on our hearts.
* It’s the Sticky Factor: the lessons that stick with us the most are the ones that mark us the deepest.
* Storms can come in all sizes and shapes… thru relationships, job, family, health, finances, you name it.
* God sends us into the storm… not because He’s vindictive, but because He loves us too much to leave us the way we are.  He wants the best for us, even if it comes through a moment of pain.
* God sees us in the storm… even though it’s painful and scary, He’s in control.  He’s “El Roi” (no, not “Elroy”… that’s your cousin)… El Roi, “the God who sees me” (Gen.16:13).  Even when it’s dark, I can’t move, and I’m all alone… He hasn’t left me; He’s watching over my struggle.
God shows up in the storm… because He’s in control, He comes – not when we think He should – but at the right time. 
Storms are tough, but God uses them in our lives because He knows that the lessons that stick with us the most are the ones that mark us the deepest.
* There are things we learn in a storm, that we simply won’t learn any other way.
* Our pastor, Donnie Reynolds, shared facets of the church’s vision and where he’d like to see us go over this next year… exciting stuff happening… STAY TUNED! 😉
* Love our worship team!  Love our worship leader Mark’s heart… and jeezie peezie, what a difference when Brad & Jaime Collins are there!
* This next year is gonna be bananas, I think… 😉
* I get to travel to Decatur, Alabama at the end of the week… to speak at the Sunday morning gatherings for Crosspoint Church… really stoked about this!
* Crosspoint is pastored by one of my best friends in ministry, Dave “The Movie Pastor” Anderson, who has been a tremendous blessing to me… especially over the last couple of years.
* I met Dave here about 4 1/2 years ago, and we’ve been great friends ever since!
* He came up to DC the summer before last, took me to a Nationals baseball game, and said to me, “D Plum… you’ve gotta get back into the game.” I’d been away from ministry for over a year… but Dave always reminded me that God’s best was yet to come.
* I think he’s right. 😉
* Can’t wait to preach on Racism & the Gospel this weekend… which was his request.  Bold move for a white pastor in the deep South to bring a brother in to preach on racism!
* Crosspoint is at the tail end of a message series called Second Chances.  We all need them, no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done… even if we have a racist past… or present.
* I think Sunday is gonna be bananas. 🙂
* Next week, for Thanksgiving, I get to see my Mom and Pop!  This will be the first time I’ve been to Buffalo for something other than a funeral in years.  Can’t wait to see my fam!
* Last couple of days of The Colossians Challenge… finishing strong!
* Hoping to do a similar thing in January, reading thru the book of Mark.  Not everyday for 30 days (it’s 16 chapters!), but a couple of chapters a day for the entire month.
* I might even do that every month through the Easter season! Would that be of interest to you??

* Until next time… let me end with this:

“Pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ… that I may make it clear, which is how I ought to speak” (Colossians 4:3-4).


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