Tuesday’s Thoughts…

* Didn’t get a chance to write yesterday after I got back in town from Roll Tide Land, but…
* This weekend was absolutely amazing!!
First, I had an incredible time with Movie Pastor Dave Anderson and his wife, Dana… awesome hosts!
* The Andersons (including their daughter Jordan) wooed me (lol) into watching the Twilight series… LOVED IT!!!Ā  All three movies were awesome… can’t believe I never wanted to watch them before.
* Now, I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!
* And yes, I know they’re vampire movies.Ā  If that concerns you, then you definitely shouldn’t watch them. šŸ˜‰
* SUNDAY MO’NIN was just awesome beyond words… band was great… videos were amazing… and I really had a great time preaching the Word!
* Preached from this passage… about the need for racial diversity in the Church.
* Jesus, through the Cross… has torn down the “dividing wall of hostility”… as believers, we no longer are to separate ourselves racially, culturally, or otherwise from one another.
* The Cross has united us… not only to God… but to one another, as well.Ā  Specifically, with those who LOOK differently, ACT differently, and THINK differently than we do.
* Dr. King said over 40 years ago that 11:00 Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America… Jesus died over 2000 years ago, tearing down the wall of hostility, and reconciling us to Himself and to one another… and yet STILL we allow race and culture to keep us divided.
* God is about breaking down walls that keep us divided!
* Any Gospel that doesn’t break racial pride is not the true Gospel!Ā  God’s heart is for oneness with His people.
* We do a disservice to the Gospel when the color of our skin is the dividing line of worship.
* JESUS PRAYED that the unity of His people would show a watching world the power of the Gospel!
* The credibility of the Gospel hinges on the oneness of God’s people!
* Can you imagine THE IMPACT we could have on our homes and communities, if we would get this right??
You can check out the video HERE
* On another note… GO COWBOYS!! šŸ˜‰
* Not saying we’re going to The Show, but we’re bouncing back… only gonna improve from here… just sayin!
* Looking forward to Thanksgiving with my parents and family in Buffalo, NY... but even MORE thankful that it’s not too cold up there! šŸ™‚
* I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna try to blog a little more consistently… pray for me on that, will you?


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