Sunday Night Speak!

– Missed the Christmas Eve service at my church yesterday evening. Seth was sick, and I needed to be home with him.  I really am missing my Centerpoint Family right now… three straight weeks of missing service is taking its toll.  No service next week, so won’t be able to see most of my church fam until the second weekend of January.  Feeling it, guys!

– I did have a wonderful weekend with my boys, though… those guys are crazeballs, but I love ’em to death!  It was great spending Christmas with them… watching movies, going to the stores, opening presents… these are the moments that you cherish forever.

– Was able to make it out to Central Union Baptist to preach this morning… had a great time of worship with those folks!  Their Male Chorus sang a song, though, that I’d never heard: it was an arrangement of The 12 Days of Christmas, in a gospel quartet style… with lyrics like, “On the 5th day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me… 5 SONGS TO SINNNNG!!  4 mighty missionaries, 3 prayin’ preachers, 2 shoutin’ shoes… and He gave me the victory!!”  LOL!!  Definitely a fun song, trying to keep up with all those different things “Jesus gave to me!”

– At least 3 people told me today that I look like Cedric the Entertainer! Not quite sure how to take that… 😛

– Spoke from Luke 2:10-11“The Ultimate Gift”… and talked about the GOOD NEWS… that brings GREAT JOY… for ALL PEOPLE!

– The Good News of Christmas is that God sent us a Savior… Jesus Christ, the Messiah!  He is the ultimate gift!

Jesus entered time and space as a human, because we needed to be saved from the debilitating and destructive force of sin!  He is the Only One who can save us!

– If the gospel really is good news, then those of us who follow Christ should be excited to make much of Him!  The gospel is “news that brings joy”!

– The good news is for everybody!  It’s for YOU… and it’s for me.  Not for the spiritually elite… not for those who think they have it all together… the good news is for YOU, and it’s for ME!

– In ancient times, a gospel was “history-making, life-shaping” news, as opposed to your average run-of-the-mill daily news.  It was “We interrupt your regularly-scheduled broadcast to bring you this special report…” type of news!

– If in ancient times, an ordinary gospel (good news) message was so mind-blowing, then how come the greatest news of the face of the earth does not blow our minds??

– I want 2012 to be a mind-blowing year for me, my church, my family, my close friends… because of the life-shaping power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

– What about you?? 😉


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