One Change I Want to Make…

This house gets me every Christmas.  I simply never cease to be amazed at how many different props and how much lighting this guy has every year.  He actually UPGRADES every couple of years, so he’s always adding stuff!  It’s like he says to his wife (I don’t even know that he has a wife, but just sayin’): “Hey Marge!  Let’s see if we can get one more snowman in the yard!  Right here in this corner!”  Whenever I think of clutter, I always think of this house at Christmas.  Now, true… if he’s going for BUZZ, then he definitely gets it!  I mean, you don’t have to like his design… or lack thereof… but you simply cannot pass this place without stopping at least for a second.  And at night, there are always cars stopping to take pictures.  Like I did. 🙂

But sometimes, I feel like this yard must look… there is so much going on, it’s a wonder I’m able to focus at all on any particular thing.   And if it’s one thing I want to change in this upcoming new year, it’s this: LESS CLUTTER.  One of my main goals this next year is to remove all distractions, so that I can be as effective as possible… in serving Christ, in raising my kids, in working my job, in taking care of my health, with those I lead… I want  to be as focused as I can possibly be so that I maximize every moment… every opportunity… before me.  I can do better.  I can BE better…

… but not until some of the clutter is removed… not until some of the noise is silenced.

“If we’re not careful, we might find ourselves with everything this world has to offer and later find we have lost ourselves in the clutter.” — Erwin McManus, Soul Cravings

You can’t begin to fulfill your purpose when your life is cluttered with stuff.  You can’t maximize your potential if you’re constantly distracted by the noise of people and things pulling you this way and that way.  You can’t be all you can be for Christ when your heart is divided… you’ll be unstable, unaligned, ineffective… in everything you attempt to do (James 1:8).

In 2012, I want my WHOLE LIFE to be in proper alignment, so that I can move forward in simplicity and effectiveness in every area.  The last couple of years has no doubt taken a toll on me… but if what they say is true, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, then I’m gonna be a beast in 2012, lol…

… but a beast with less noise and less clutter… more alignment… and way more effectiveness.  😉


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