Introducing… THE CIRCLE MAKER!

Well, folks, this is my LAST post of 2011… what a crazy year! 🙂  I wanted to cap off the year doing a book review, but came down with the flu this week, so that put a little dent in my reading schedule.  But I didn’t want to roll out without at least introducing you to this awesome book!  I will put up a review on Monday, Jan. 2, so stay tuned for that!!

But the book is written by my friend and former pastor, Mark Batterson… who is unarguably one of the Church’s bright “young stars” today (I know… that sounds real Hollywoodish, lol).  He has a powerful ministry at National Community Church on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  Many of you are familiar with him… some of you are not… but all of you need to read this book!

I will be giving away free copies beginning next week (thanks, Mark!), so stay tuned as to how you might win your copy.

Review coming on Monday… be safe this weekend…



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