Sunday Mind Dump…

– Had a great morning at Centerpoint… spoke in a tag-team format with Donnie Reynolds and Joel Pazmino… on “The Omni-God”.  3 preachers… 8 minutes (supposedly, lol) a piece. Good stuff!

– I led off with God’s Omniscience… the God who knows all… everything actual, everything possible.  Nothing AT ALL ever escapes His notice… the phrase “I don’t know” is nowhere in His vocabulary…

– which should lead us (1) to TAKE HEED to how we live before Him.  Too many of us say we love Jesus, but live as practical atheists… as if God doesn’t exist. We do, say, and think things that simply are not pleasing to God… as if He doesn’t know what we’re doing!  I think sometimes He sits on His throne in heaven, sees some of the things we do, and just says, “Really??  Do you think I don’t see you???” 🙂

But the fact that God knows everything should also encourage us to (2) TAKE HOPE… no matter where we are, what situation we find ourselves in, no matter what’s going on in our lives… GOD KNOWS.  Love this verse

Joel spoke on the omnipotence of God.  God is the only One who has OMNIstrength… and because of that, we need Him in every aspect of our lives.

Donnie pulled up the flank, with God’s omnipresence… and talked about the presence of God in our every day lives… the fact that we NEED Him, and should want to experience His presence in a much greater manner in 2012.  VERY INSPIRING!!  I left church pumped today! 🙂

– Have to say, though… the next time we do that, I’m taking as much time as Joel and Donnie!  Punks! LOL! 🙂

– Have to say “WOW!” on our attendance today!!  We need to get more chairs… YAY, GOD!!!! 🙂

– The ONLY reason I even joined Centerpoint in the first place is because I believed God was working mightily and that 2o12 would be an explosive growth year for us.  We’ve already doubled our attendance since I first started in July… can’t wait to see what the rest of this year looks like!

– I believe with all my heart that we’ll hit our 300 in attendance goal before the end of 2012!!

– We had a good number of guests today, as well!  SO AMPED to be a part of this thing!!

– I believe 2012 will be a breakthrough year in my own life, as well!  I believe God will restore the time the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25).  I love the gracious and magnificent God I serve…


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