Stuff Legends are Made of!

It was one of the GREATEST playoff games in recent history: the mighty Steelers vs. the underdog Broncos, led by their young and very controversial quarterback, Tim Tebow.  The Broncos would prevail, winning on the VERY FIRST PLAY OF OVERTIME, on a dramatic 80-yard touchdown pass by Tebow.

I really don’t know how the rest of this whole ride with Tim Tebow will play out…

All I know is that dude is silencing his critics… big time.

First, I don’t even wanna talk about the spiritual haters his outspoken demeanor has raised… let’s keep it on just football for now.  Here is a dude that everybody was down on: “He can’t throw.”  “He has terrible mechanics.” “He doesn’t have an arm.” “He’ll never win in this league.”  Then he goes and wins like 4 straight, and – even though he didn’t end the regular season well – leads his team to the playoffs.  THEN, he rips the mighty Steelers defense… the defense that was ranked #1 in the entire NFL… the defense that never gave up 200 yards to a quarterback all season long.  He played lights out football in his first ever playoff game.

No one… even this writer… gave Tim Tebow much of a chance to beat the Steelers.  What a confidence booster that will be for the young man and his team, as they head into the treacherous waters of Foxboro, Mass to play the New England Patriots.  Not many are giving them much of a fighting chance this weekend…

… but, then again, that’s been the story all season long.  Not many have given Tebow much of a chance all year… but he’s proven the critics wrong over and over again.

On the other hand, I’m hearing a bunch of different arguments for/against Tebow’s outspoken manner of always praising Jesus.  My problem with the criticism: if you are a Christ-follower, what can POSSIBLY be annoying about praising Jesus in every possible situation?  We’re talking about praising the same God who said, “Let EVERY THING that has breath, praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150).  Tim Tebow just makes sure he gets his praise in… repeatedly!  Jesus one time said that if we don’t speak up for Him, the very ROCKS would cry out in praise!  I think Tebow just says, “I ain’t gonna let no rocks cry out for me!”

Okay… back to football…

He’s engineered some of the greatest football comeback victories in recent memory…
He’s done it several times this year…
He’s done it in the face of overwhelming odds

Love him or hate him… ignoring him hasn’t been an option…

… and that’s the stuff that legends are made of!

I’m not saying that the Broncos will beat the Patriots this coming weekend… not saying that at all.  But stranger things have happened… and as my friend Mark Batterson says: “You can never always sometimes tell!” 😉  (#TheCircleMaker)

I’m not saying that Tim Tebow will be a great quarterback (though I think he will be way better than any of us expected).  But I know this: he’s a leader… he’s a winner… and before his time in the NFL is through, he will have convinced all naysayers that he belonged in the NFL.

Tim Tebow… The Legend Begins.


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