Something Old… Something New

Okay… so, I wanna give TWO SHOUT OUTS today: one, for my buddy Pastor Ken Patterson… who leads Grace International Church in Baltimore.  I haven’t yet been to the church, but from what I hear, they’ve got it going on!  Ken is a very creative-minded stud of a pastor (lol!!) whom God is going to use using to affect and transform the lives of many in this generation.  He and his church is the something new

Second shout out: THIS SUNDAY… at Grace International Church… will be another friend of mine – who happens to be also my former pastor – Pastor Mark Batterson.  YOU DON’T WANNA MISS THIS!!  Mark is one of the greatest visionaries I’ve ever had the opportunity to sit under… a tremendously anointed man of God, being used MIGHTILY to transform our nation’s capital.  He’s the something old… at least, in the since that he’s been doing this for a minute. 🙂  Pastor Mark is also the author of one of the best books I’ve read in awhile, The Circle Maker.  This book has WRECKED me, I’m telling you!  I’m supposed to be reviewing it, but can’t even finish it… because it is SO powerful, you have to just digest it very slowly to get the most out of it!  In fact, it is SO good, that I WILL SEND A FREE COPY OF THE BOOK TO THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON THIS POST!

That’s wassup.

ALSO. If you make it to Grace Int’l THIS SUNDAY, you will receive a free copy.  So, get your free copy here… then go to the service and get a free copy to bless someone else!

That’s wassup.

Something old… something newMark Batterson at Grace Int’l Church.  THIS SUNDAY… January 29 at 11am!  You don’t wanna miss this… they’re gonna rock your face off, in Jesus’ name!! 😀

D Plum… out!


11 thoughts on “Something Old… Something New

  1. I have been considering whether or to read The Circle Maker. Have seen few reviews yet. But your comments are very encouraging. Thanks.

  2. Yes I know Pastor Patterson as well and second the motion about his vision and leadership of the ministry he leads. I wish I could make it to see Batterson over there on Sunday again I have visited the coffee house service on a few Saturday and enjoyed his vision as well. I have had the pleasure of serving with their ministry with the Convoy of Hope at the Stadium in D.C. So you are definitely in good company with these guys. Would love to read this book I have the others by the author.

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