I’ve Drunk the Koolaid!!

Having a blast at Centerpoint Church!  Loved the 1st installment of the Drive message series yesterday… Donnie preached on Erasing Darknesshow God has called believers to make a difference, allowing the light of Christ to shine thru their lives.  Amazing, when we think of it, as to how many people all around us are headed for a Christ-less eternity.  All the world around us is DARK, and darkness is basically the absence of the presence of God.  LOVED this message!

Mark and the worship team CRUSHED IT yesterday, too!  Great group of guys/girls… they minister from their hearts, which is always very exciting.

Then, we had a Ministry Leaders meeting yesterday afternoon before the Super Bowl… awesome hearing new and old leaders alike who are passionate about what they do!

I’ve drunk the Centerpoint Koolaid… and it is good! 🙂

Looking forward to preaching both services this coming Sunday… Embracing DiversityYOU DON’T WANNA MISS THIS!!  See you there!


D Plum out! 😉


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