Monday Night Mind Dump

* Had a GREAT weekend with my boys!  It is a totally awesome thin to be a dad… never gets old! 🙂  Can’t believe my oldest will be a junior in high school next year!  And no, I’M not getting old… YOU are, since you think it was just yesterday when he was a little boy! 😉

* Preached at Centerpoint for both Services yesterday morning… great time in the Word!  Still in the Bring It! series, and looked at the first half of Philippians 3.  Next week, I finish the chapter… and then Donnie will wrap up the series the following week.

* Did you know that Centerpoint Church is moving into a new home??  That’s right…starting the first Sunday in June,we’ll be in our new home!  HOW EXCITING IS THAT??  Some of the guys are working, seemingly, around the clock trying to get the place ready for opening day on June 3.  Notice I said “some of the guys”, lol… man, I can’t even paint a tic-tac-toe game and make it look good! 🙂  Thank God for guys who work with their hands, lol…

* One of the verses I’ve been really meditating on over the last several days is Phil. 3:11: “… so that one way or another I will experiene the resurrection from the dead.”  I won’t lie… this verse used to really confuse me.  What the skippy are you talking about, Paul??  How can you experience the resurrection from the dead as an alive person?  But here is what I think Paul is saying: in the mind of the average Greek person of that day, an alive person was thought of as ‘standing’ and a dead person was thought of as ‘lying down.’  The word ‘resurrection’ literally means “to place” or “to stand”.  So, it seems that Paul is saying, “I want to experience life as walking around as one who’s been resurrected… with Christ’s resurrection power flowing through me, I want to be seen as one who is alive – standing among a people who are spiritually lying down.  I want to live as one who STANDS OUT in a spiritually dead society!”  Now, that is some off-the-chain living right there…

* Man, THAT’S HOW I WANT TO LIVE, TOO!!!!!!! 🙂

* This week at Centerpoint, we’re going to see how we can live that out… living as SPIRITUALLY-RESURRECTED PEOPLE!

* I think Sunday is gonna be bananas… what about you? 😉


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