Strong Leaders Multiply!

I love leadership. Everything about it… the influence, the responsibility, the pressure, the leverage, the drawbacks… you name it, I love it. Not all of it is pretty, mind you… and it’s not always fun… but I love it just the same. And one of the things I love the most is seeing leaders multiply themselves: taking the initiative and the time to invest
in budding and growing leaders… imparting and infusing them with their own DNA, and watching them grow and develop into reproducing leaders themselves.

This isn’t easy, and it takes alot of time. But one of the things I’ve become more and more convinced of is that strong leaders multiply themselves
… over and over… and over again.

Strong leaders go beyond influence:
they’re not just influencers
… they’re multipliers!
They don’t just look for opportunities to teach
… they want to train
. They’re not satisfied with just being promoted
… they long to position themselves
in others’ lives, so as to help them develop
, and then deploy
them into service.

Strong leaders multiply themselves.

This is never the exception to the rule… it IS the rule!  No matter WHAT a person’s influence may seem to be, if they’re not reproducing themselves and multiplying Kingdom growth
their ability to lead at a high level will never reach maximum level…

because strong leaders multiply themselves

And because they love multiplication so much… because of their heart’s desire to see mega Kingdom growth… they not only influence, but they INVITE
! They recognize that, even if they aren’t positioned to invest in all the people around them, they can at least invite them
to the party… and maybe other Kingdom-builders will have opportunities to invest in those persons where they couldn’t!

Strong leaders multiply themselves… and they create opportunities for Kingdom growth.

This is what strong leaders do. No exceptions.


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