Hot as Sheol!!!

Been a rough couple of days… major power outages all over the MD, DC, & VA areas… probably the worst non-hurricane/tornado storm in this area ever.  That’s saying alot, because we’ve had some really major storms with some really crazy outages.

Had to drive around for awhile this morning to find some place to eat… amazing to see just how crowded the stores and restaurants were today.  The mall at Arundel Mills is usually crowded on Saturdays, but – jeezie peezie! – it was INSANE today!  But nonetheless, it was good to get out of the steamy sauna that is my house without power, lol!

Was SO GLAD I buy alot of groceries yesterday… I’d have been MAJORLY PO’d I’d done that and then all that food spoiled!  Not cool (no pun intended).

Spent some time over the Reynolds’ house this evening…Donnie cooked some burgers and dogs (delicioso, I must say)…we got a cool place to hang out… and D and I were able to dream/plan a little, which is always good.  Then we crashed atthe Hill’s place… very thankful for their generosity and hospitality, putting us up and making us feel at home.  Don’t know when the power will be restored in my neighborhood, but mega-thankful that I have places to go and don’t have to burn up!!! 🙂

Proverbs 17:17
A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.

Funny… I didn’t really have many people reach out to us… the boys’ mom was really concerned that we were okay… but other than that, not many checked up on us.  Maybe that was because most people were struggling with the same thing, idk!! lol!!  But this marked me indelibly, because I had to go through it.  Now, I can’t see myself not wanting to help others in their time of need.

But even with that… why does it sometimes take us going through things before we realize that there are people all around us who are hurting??

Just a thought…



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