Monday Mind Dump

* First, giving honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…

* Lol… only some of you will get the humor in that first line. 🙂

* Although… I am thankful for Jesus’ headship!  Where would I be, if I were left to myself????

* Crazy weekend… alread wrote about the power outage, so won’t bore you with that… but, jeezie peezie… some places still look like a war zone!!  They say this (not sure if I wrote this already or not) was the worst non-hurricane/tornado storm in the history of the DC metroarea.

* Just heard from a friend in Baltimore that she’s still without power… wow.  Crazy, I say!

* Centerpoint Church: Had a great Sunday!  Mark LeHew preached (and led worship), and did a GREAT JOB!  So thankful for that brother.  Mark keeps it real… he’s funny… very refreshing.  Spoke on Hosea, and used the storyline of Forest and Jenny from the movie Forest Gump (that was the last segment in our God at the Movies message series).  Great illustrations/clips… great insight… great applications… Mark NAILED it!!

* It’s awesome to be part of a group of guys who are sold out to Jesus, and mad gifted to boot!

* So, Donnie and I have hammered out my role (finally, lol) at Centerpoint.  We’re still trying to come up with a “cool and catchy” title (I like those), but at least my areas of responsibility are clear: I will be over leadership development and Catalytic Church Planting (somebody say, “Oooooooooooh…” lol!)  CATALYTIC in that we’re believing that God has called us to be a part of a church planting MOVEMENT.  We’re not interested in planting a few churches and having start-up notches on our belt.  We want to be a part of expanding the Kingdom of God by raising up/identifying church planters who are catalysts… GAME-CHANGERS… people who will charge hell with a water gun, and are committed to Erasing Darkness, Embracing Diversity, Equipping Followers, and Empowering Potential.


* Seriously, though… I know the more I do this, the more difficult it will be to not throw everything I have into this. But trusting that God will make the full-time thing happen in His time.  He’s in control…

* Celebrated myyoungest son’s birthday today… SETH JONATHAN.. turned 9!  He’s growing up… all THREE are growing so fast, it’s crazy!

* Took Seth to see Madagascar 3… VERY FUNNY. 🙂  I said on Face Bizzle that it is the best animal animated movie ever… but I forgot about… TOY STORY!!!!  Nothing has topped that yet! 😉

* Well, folks… God is up to something big… of course, He always is, lol.  But I mean, something with ME.  Don’t know what it is yet… but whenever I get this restless feeling, He He opens my eyes to something that I never ever would have planned to do.  It’s ALWAYS bigger than me… and ALWAYS somewhat frightening.  But I always hold to His promise that He’s with me.  So… keep your eyes open!!

Until lata,


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