Lessons from Orlando Bloom

I like the movie Troy.  It’s my favorite Brad Pitt movie (alongside Meet Joe Black).  Every time I’ve watched it, I’ve been tempted to fast forward past the part where Orlando Bloom’s character, Paris, cowers at the feet of his brother, Hector… instead of fighting his enemy, Menelaus. Let me give you the context, just in case you’ve never seen the movie.

Hector and Paris, who are princes of the mighty city of Troy, travel to Sparta (think 300)  to make a treaty with Sparta’s king, Menelaus.  But while there, Paris falls for Menelaus’ wife, Helen… and ends up sneaking her away back to Troy.  Well, of course, Menelaus wont take this lying down, so he and his brother, Agamemnon, pull together a mighty army… and Achilles (played by Brad Pitt)…and wage war on Troy.

Before the big war ensues, Paris decides that – for honor and love – he’ll fight one-on-one against Menelaus for the right to Helen, and for the honor of their cities.  Menelaus agrees, and proceeds to kick. his. butt.  But before he can kill Paris, Paris crawls back to Hector… holds onto his leg… and cowers there like a scared rabbit.

Whenever I’ve watched that scene before, it really turns my stomach.  Men are not meant to cower.  Or crawl.  We’re meant to be courageous!  Fight, man!!

But recently, I saw that scene from a different perspective: Paris DID fight… he just wasn’t any good at it, and he lost. And when he looked down the edge of Menelaus’ sword and stared death in the face, I think he said to himself, “Uh uh, jack… I’m not ready to die… I’m outta here!”  Then, I don’t think he ran from the fight, so much as he was running to the one who could save him!

There’s a lesson here: sometimes we are defeated, and we’re ready to throw in the towel.  “It’s over! I can’t take it anymore! I might as well DIE!!” (haha… such drama queens)  But in the face of an enemy that’s bigger than us and maybe stronger than us, why not live to see another day? Don’t just let it kill you… don’t just DIE… run to the One who is able to save you!!!!

Now, I don’t wanna take this Bloom thing too far… Jesus tells us not to be afraid… not of our enemy, the devil… not of imposing or intimidating circumstances… not of people… not of anything.  But He also knows we’re human… and, as such, are given at times to fear.  He’d PREFER us to stand (Eph. 6:10-11) and fight in His strength,knowing that ultimately, the battle is His anyway.

But if you’re skurred and you DO run…

… at least run to the One who is able to save you!


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