Of Mice and Men…

Well, I never…”

Lol… that was one of my Mama’s (not my mother… my grandmother… we called her “Mama”.  My mom is “Mom”) favorite phrases when she was utterly shocked at something… or someone.  When I got suspended off the school bus for a week in 8th grade, she said, “Well, I never…”  When I told her I was moving to Atlanta, she said, “Well, I never…”  When I got my hair twisted, she said, “Well, I never…!!”

Well,I must be like my Mama, because I’ve been saying I never for the last few days!  I NEVER had seen a mouse outside of a cage… I NEVER had seen one run across my floor… and I NEVER EVER THOUGHT I’d see one SLEEPING on the floor next to my bed… chillin like a villain!
Now, every little sound in my basement apartment has me turning my head.  I’m turning on the light at night, if I have to get up to use the bathroom.   And I’m scared as SHEOL that I’ve only seen the babies… that Mommy Mouse and Daddy Mouse and Uncle Ben are just waiting to surprise me…

I’ve come to the solid conclusion that I don’t like mice.

I’m not really scared of them. Okay, when I saw that first one, I did pretty much freak out.  But that’s understandable, since I’m a city boy and that’s just not a normal thing.  So, I’m not skurred, but it’s really unnerving knowing that there are rodents abiding close by, uncaged.    Gerbils I like…

… but not running across my floor, uninvited!

I guess I should be thankful.  It could be worse… could be RATS… or SNAKES.  Even squirrels!  I mean, I’m not really aftaid of squirrels (see this post), but I don’t want those jokas running around my abode, know what I’m sayin??

My sons will be here this weekend.  That’s a good thing.  I won’t be so nervous… they’re not as jumpy as I am, and they don’t need glue traps.  I…

Wait… just heard a sound… gotta go.


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