LIFE-Coaching Time!

Coaching1I love football.  I totally am amped this time of year (as long as my fave team is in the playoff hunt, lol).  This is crunch time for NFL playoff-caliber teams.  This is the time where GREAT COACHING and GREAT EXECUTION are of the utmost importance.  They were important before, but they’re crucial now.

Ministry is the same way… except, it’s crucial ALL the time. There is NEVER a time where strategy, coaching, and execution is not important.  Our enemy, the devil, never takes any time off… and he’s ALWAYS scheming for ways to render us… both personally and corporately… ineffective.

Thus, the need for GREAT LEADERSHIP. 

When churches pay little to no attention to creating a culture of leadership, they’re asking for trouble.  They’re basically saying to the enemy, “Come, have your way… do what you want… we’re not interested in advancing the Kingdom, bc we’re satisfied with mediocrity!”   What the Church needs is GREAT LEADERSHIP that is intentional about reproducing itself in the lives of those they’re leading.

At LIFE CHURCH, I don’t have to do that… I get to do it.  Thankful to be in a place where I’m freed up to do what I’m wired to do… coach, strategize, and build into leaders.  We’ve got some great “offensive packages” we’re planning to unveil in 2013.  We are very intentional about moving the ball down the field to advance the Kingdom.

It won’t be easy.

But it will be exciting. 🙂

I can’t wait… Life Church get ready, get ready, get ready!!!! 😉


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