Desert Traction

I’ve got one more desert post after this, but I wanted to write a little sidebar, of sorts.  One thing to remember… when you’re in the desert… is that you’ll have haters.  Now, they won’t be the type of haters who hate on you because of all the good things happening in your life.  NOPE!  In fact,they hate on you for just the opposite: they want everyone to know that you’re going through a rough season!

In fact, some people will use your desert experience as a way to try to “discredit” you… talk about you. “God must not be with her — look at all she’s going through!” “He must be under the judgment of God –must be sin in his life!!” All kinds of yada yada.  But the truth is… you don’t owe them anything… this isn’t about THEM!  It’s about what God is doing in your life… how He’s growing you through this experience… and how He’s preparing you for what He has in store for you down the road.  It doesn’t have jack to do with anyone else!

So… let them talk.  And one day… when all is said and done… and God marches you into your Promised Land… He’ll prepare a banquet table before you in the presence of your enemies (Ps. 23:5).  Like David, He’ll anoint you right in the very presence of “your brothers” (1 Sam. 16:13).

Because God gives traction in the desert… and that traction is the ability to focus on Him, no matter what.  You’re there for His purpose…. not your own, and not anyone else’s.  So, as long as you’re tracking with Him, and listening to and following Him, you’ll be able to keep on marching — despite the naysayers, despite those who have been envious in times past when you were” on top”, despite all the negative press about you.  Just remember… you won’t always be in the desert!  This is just the process… one day you’ll experience the payoffand everyone will see it.

So, hang in there… allow God to give you the traction you need to keep marching forward.  Listen only to HIS VOICE.  It’s the only one that matters.


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