Man, Just Let Me Go!!

So… a funny story. Well, to me, anyway. 🙂  I had just finished a luncheon for the staff at Turning Point Academy, a charter school here in Prince George’s County, MD.  I was about to leave the building, so I decided tp make a pit stop at the men’s room first.  As I was walking down the hall, this older gentleman stopped me..

“What’s goin’ on, Rev?!”
“Hey, how are you, buddy?”
“I knew you were a Rev the moment I saw you… you LOOK like a Rev!  You even have a Rev walk!”

I’m not exactly sure what a Rev-walk is… but I DID know I had to get to the men’s room. But he continued…

“We’ve gptta love one another, Rev!  And I didn’t say nuthin’ ’bout ACTIN’ like we love each other… we gotta really do it!”
“Yessir, I agree…”
“God is amazing, Rev!  He woke me up this mornin’, and started me on my way!  He put runnin’ in my feet! Wanna see me run, Rev??”
“No, no… that wouldn’t be necessary.  I just need…”
“God is AMAZIN’, Rev!!”

At this point, I’m thinking ol’ dude is about to break into a Ray Lewis dance… and all the while, he’s still holding my hand from the moment he first spoke to me and we shook hands.  And he won’t let go.  I’m trapped.  And nature is calling with a very loud voice.

“We gotta do what God say do, Rev… we gotta stop playin’ around.  GOOD God Almighty!! Ima give Him GLORY… ALLLLLLL the day long!! As long as I have breath,  Ima praise my God!!  Have mercy on my soul, Jeeeeeesus!”

And… I know my man was gettin’ his praise prayze on… and I know this might be a tad unspiritual… but all I could think at the moment was…

DUDE. I. GOTTA. PEE!!!!!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Man, Just Let Me Go!!

  1. And this is the moment you lay your hand on your brother and say……Yes Sir! (Use great emphasis…This is important) And take off running to the bathroom hands in the air….yelling I hear ya Lord…

      1. He would just have to go along to use the potty…Hey!!! If you gotta go ya gotta go…

      2. See, this would have been no problem for me…I have raised 5 children to adulthood. I haven’t used the bathroom alone since I had my first child at 21 so that was hummmm…25 years ago. They all viewed the bathroom when I was in it as the meeting place. On a good was school papers or pictures they colored or something they just had to have seen RIGHT NOW! lol Well, I got the kids raised and now my 2 year old grandson has taken the reins over in bathroom visitation. My 80 year old momma is pretty good at this too. She stands outside the bathroom when I’m in it and says….Shell…are you in there…YES MOMMA….what are you doing….WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M DOING….can I come in…..NO YOU CANNOT COME IN….oh, well when are you coming out…..(MY MIND IS THINKING…NEVER…BUT I SAY…JUST GIVE ME A MINUTE…) LOL

  2. Hey Big D – I’ve been thinking about you and your boys and lovely wife for quite a bit now. And here I am reading this amusing blog entry. It’s a long way from CNN brother, so hear is my shout out. Gotta find a better way to get in touch with you, but it’s good to see your thoughts. S. M. Kelley

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