Meet My Friend RACHEL HAUCK!

LoveStarts_ElleI guess it was about a couple of years ago…

I was browsing the shelves at the local Christian bookstore, looking for some good, romantic fiction. And yes, I do like romantic fiction.  Not chick-flickish stuff, but ones that have a great love story line.  Hey, I’m that guy who is just as excited to watch You’ve Got Mail or The Proposal as I am to watch 300 or Fast & Furious.. no shame in my game! 😉  But anyway, I digress.  So, I was looking for something good to read, because -honestly – other than Ted Dekker and Francine Rivers… and a series by Karen Kingsbury, I hadn’t really been too impressed with alot of Christian fiction… period.   Then, I picked up this book… and immediately fell in love with the writing of Rachel Hauck (pronounced “How-ck”).

Soon after reading Love Starts with Elle, I contacted Rachel… and we’ve been friends ever since.  I talk about her writing all the time… so I just wanted to take a minute and blow up the blogosphere with her name!

If you like fiction… especially Christian fiction… and you have a thing for romance… you’re missing out on a HUGE TREAT if you’ve never read anything by Rachel Hauck!!

I think I own about half of Rachel’s  16 published books (and she’s been picked up by Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, so you know she’s bad!).  Right now, I’m reading Once Upon a Prince… and, lol, I KNOW my male friends are gonna laugh at that, so let me explain. 🙂  When I saw the title, I honestly (sorry Rach!) only picked it up because Rachel is my friend, and I want to always support her.  But let me tell you… this story is incredible!  I won’t tell you here what it’s about… you’ll have to read it for yourself… but TRUST MEit is an awesome read!

Now… let me say something here: some of you men simply need to read more fiction.  YOU DO!!!  Especially my pastor friends… alot of you act like you’ll be stoned if you pick up a novel.  And the lack of storytelling in your sermons attest to that, lol!  C’mon!!  Tell me a story, preacha!!  You say, “Well, that’s not my strength…”  There you go!  START READING SOME FICTION!!  Of course, they don’t have to be romance, lol.  Nor do they have to be Christian… there are great “secular” authors out there like John Grisham or Nicholas Sparks.  And you don’t have to read alot of fiction… simply start with one or two a year.  Out of the 30-40 books a year I read, only about a handful are fiction… but I enjoy them tremendously… and so will you!

Okay, back to Rachel… I’m sure many of the ladies will like Rachel’s The Wedding Dress.  That one was a little “girly” for me… but very well-written, nonetheless.  And check out the trilogy that she wrote with recording artist Sara Evans… I’m telling you, this is some awesome stuff!

So, okay… go to Rachel’s websitenow.  And you can follow her on Twitter… @RachelHauckShow her some love.  And then, tell everyone you know about her writing… they’ll love you for it. 😉


6 thoughts on “Meet My Friend RACHEL HAUCK!

  1. Well this sounds like an interesting author and someone I have never heard of before!
    One thing I love about the blogosphere is being introduced to new writers! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thx 4 stopping by! Definitely check out Rachel’s books… I’m sure you’ll love them! And if you follow my blog, you’ll get my posts as soon as I publish them… I’ve got some more authors and guest bloggers to share in the upcoming weeks and months. Thx again… blessings!

    1. Hey, Bren! Thank you for nudging me to start reading fiction almost 15 years ago… my love for it has only grown! 🙂 Hope you enjoy Rachel!

    1. Hey, Carole! Yes, let’s start a More Men Should Read Fiction campaign lol! Hey, GR8 meeting you this past weeke.d… I look forward to reading your books! 🙂

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