What is Your One Thing?

Many years ago, someone asked me a question that would change my life.  Now, before you roll your eyes on that statement (how many times have we heard someone claim that something or someone did or said somethin to change their life??), please hear me out.  After I heard the statement, I wasn’t richer… I didn’t shed 100 lbs, and I didn’t land some cush job,  I still had the same bills, the same problems, and pretty much the same fears.  But there was something different about my life… and that was my actions after I answered the question.

Here was the question:

If you could do ANYTHING… and you knew you wouldn’t fail… and money wasn’t an issue… what would you do??

WOW!!  My first thought was, “Jeez, how the heck am I supposed to answer that??”  Then I thought, “Hmm.. you know, that is a really, REALLY good question!”  As I gave that question some thought over the next few (maybe several) days, that one thing began to become crystal clear.  And as I focused on my one thing, I became more and more passionate about it.,, and my life changed… over time… because everything I did flowed out of that passion.


You’ve got to know it. And it has to consume you.  You’ve got to be so passionate about it, that you feel as though you might burst if you’re unable to do it.  But, I must say this: knowing what our passion is, and being at the right place and time to ultimately fulfill our passion are two different things.  Sometimes, God wants us to quietly and independently work on our passion… our one thing.  In other words, the timing may not be right for the world to see it.  But, even in the quiet place, God wants us to be consistent and persistent as we work on our one thing… allowing it to become one with us…  and to mature within us… so that, in His time, it might be revealed for all to see.

But it all starts with first knowing what are passion… our one thing… is.  That changes everything: what you dream about, how you approach life, how you set goals… everything changes.



One thought on “What is Your One Thing?

  1. interestingly enough, that is one question many people can’t answer. It’s a good one too, but we don’t often know ourselves well enough to be able to grapple with it.

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