Before You Judge Riley Cooper Too Hard…

rileycooper1Okay… so we all know what happened.  If you don’t, click HERE.  

The use of the “N” word in a derogatory manner is NEVER acceptable.  Never.  Ever.  Period.  So, let’s get this straight off the break: Riley Cooper was wrong for what he did.  End of story.  Should he be suspended?  Personally, I think he should, if for no other reason than the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has enforced punitive measures for players who have violated the NFL’s code of conduct even in “non-working situations” before (Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert when the incident happened), and this should be no different.  So, I’m fine with suspension.  Racial injustice or insensitivity should never be tolerated.

But what gets me is this: the fact that some, especially in the African-American community, are calling for him to lose his job doesn’t make sense to me.  If Cooper hadn’t come out and sincerely and remorsefully apologized (which I think he did), then it’d be a different story.  If this wasn’t the first incident (at least that we know of), it’d be a different story.  But here’s the situation: he was drunk, in an environment he felt was “safe”, and he slipped back into a default that (maybe,… we don’t know) he possibly hadn’t acquainted himself with in a long time.  Now, I know, I know… he flipped that word with relative ease… definitely makes you wonder!  But my point is this: how many of us… even as African-Americans… have made racially derogatory… or at least insensitive… statements about other races – Whites, in particular – in similar situations, inebriated of not??  Especially in situations where we felt “safe” (around our own) and unlikely to be “caught”.  And there are comedians who certainly cross the line with racial jokes about Whites and other races, and many of us laugh our butts off.  It’s a double standard.

So, I wanna put this out there… especially to my African-American friends who are followers of Jesus: 1) Is it right for us to hold a double-standard, simply because we weren’t the ones caught… but were the ones offended?  And, 2) why are we so slow to forgive in the first place?  The people who should be FIRST to forgive are Christians, knowing how much we’ve been forgiven and knowing that JESUS DIED WITHOUT CAUSE FOR US… while we were STILL sinners.

Yeah… that puts it a little more in perspective, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying that we sweep Riley Coopers actions under the rug.  I hate the use of that word,  But what I’m simply saying is that if he’s sincerely sorry for what he did, then give him the opportunity to live out his apology.  Don’t be so quick and willing to castrate him for his wrong.  We always want justice, until we’re the ones who are in the wrong.  Suspend Riley Cooper… mete out whatever punishment is due him… and than let’s move on.


6 thoughts on “Before You Judge Riley Cooper Too Hard…

  1. I completely agree on this topic — People give the word power, if you treat it as just another word you wont let it have power over your emotions. Riley Cooper used it in a derogatory way, but he is just like every other human on earth, HE MADE A MISTAKE. Maybe a light suspension is in order, but to end his career over this is ridiculous. The media makes things like this into a HUGE deal, and distracts the African American community away from the real issues that need to be addressed.

  2. I agree with your commentary. As Christians we should be the first to forgive. Often when we are offended we want the guilty party to be destroyed, thinking that this will vindicate us. However, unless we let go of the offense we will never be vindicated. We cannot force people into repentance. A suspension will make Mr. Cooper more cognizant of the fact that his behavior will always be under scrutiny because of his career. Taking away his career would be harsh and may lead to more bitterness and resentment.

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