My Preaching Heroes

Someone asked me not too long ago who my preaching heroes are… I have a long and very eclectic list, lol.  Thought some of you might find the list interesting (and hopefully helpful/inspiring), so I decided to post it.  Here you go!! 🙂

For clarity… Andy Stanley
For illustrations/storytelling… Chuck Swindoll & E.V. Hill
For making passages come to life… Dr. Richard Allen Farmer & John Ortberg
For biblical wisdom & insight… Wayne Cordeiro
For vision… Erwin McManus, Bill Hybels, & Mark Beeson
For passion… Steven Furtick, Keith Battle, & Bishop T.D. Jakes
For content… Matt Chandler, Steve Layne, Bryan Loritts, & James MacDonald

Many of these names you are familiar with… some you may not be.. but this is my list.  I’m sure you have your own.  Who are your preaching heroes?  And why?

Until lata,


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