Don’t Stop Dreaming!


Dreamers are not always respected and looked up to.  “Get your head out of the clouds, man!” they say.   “That’s fine to dream about, but you really should pursue a career that will pay well.”  “You’re crazy if you think you can pull that off…”  Over and over throughout our lives, we hear statements like these… and many of us have bought into them.  We’ve given up our dream for the safe path,  for the “steady income”, and in return we’ve embraced a less than passionate life. 

You can’t live a truly passionate life without pursuing your God-given purpose… and your purpose always comes packaged in a God-given, God-sized dream.

I love the Old Testament character of Joseph.  He had to overcome a lot to see his God-given dream fulfilled: he was sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely imprisoned by his employer, and forgotten about in jail by his friend.  But he was dreamer, and always had faith to believe that what God revealed to him in his dreams would always come to pass.  And so, even when he was young, he confidently and consistently proclaimed his dreams.  In fact, he was so confident that the scriptures say that when he would tell his brothers about his dreams, “they hated him all the more, because of his dreams and the way he would talk about them” (Gen. 37:8).  I love that!  Even in the face of hostility and unbelief, Joseph held tightly to the dream God had given him… that He would one day be a ruler. It didn’t matter who believed him or not… and not slavery, imprisonment, nor abandonment would keep him from believing the dream God had given him!


Maybe because of circumstances, a lack of support, the passing of time, limited resources… whatever… you’re about to give up (or have already given up) on pursuing the dream God gave you. You need to know that, if it came from Him, He hasn’t given up on you.   Trust me.  Or better yet, trust HIM… because “God, who began the good work in you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns” (Phil. 1:6).

People will try to discourage you, distract you, and many will even discount you… but when you passionately pursue your God-given dream, they cannot deter you.

So, let them say what they want… But whatever you do… DON’T. STOP. DREAMING!


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