Monday Musings

* Had a great First Sunday at Victory Community Church yesterday to start off the fall ministry season the right way!
* Awesome message from our Lead Pastor Aaron Payne. We kicked off a new 2 – week series entitled, “He Still Has the Whole World in hands”. I’ve got BIG SHOES to fill next week as I preach part 2! 🙂
* Yesterday might have been our best day as a worship band.  It was great having the full band back. We’re gelling and picking up songs quickly… heads and shoulders above where we where a few months ago. 😉
* The whole weekend was pretty good!  Philippians Bible study on Friday… Nats game Saturday. .. and awesome service yesterday.  Sweet! 🙂
* Love studying the Scriptures and receiving “fresh bread” from the Lord, both for my own soul and for those I have the responsibility to teach.
* Philippians is giving me a serious recharge.  There are times when, as a leader, you feel spent and somewhat drained… and, along with physical rest, you simply need to allow the Holy Spirit to refresh your life with His Word. Digging into Philippians is doing that for me!
* I never can get enough of learning about the apostle Paul’s church planting efforts in the book of Acts! And Acts 16… especially when Paul goes to Philippi… has become one of my favorite chapters in the Bible!
* Amazing to see how the Church at Philippi got started… through the conversion of a wealthy Asian businesswoman… a freed – from – demon – possession slave girl… and a rough and tough correctional officer. That’s some serious diversity right there… not just racial diversity but socio-economic diversity, as well!
* God’s Church is supposed to be a place where all feel welcomed.
* The diversity in the Church at Philippi shows us why one of Paul’s themes in his letter to the church was unity.
* Christian unity is always a characteristic of a mature church!
*Gotta love Paul’s passion for people and his desire to see the Gospel reach everybody!
* Why was Paul so passionate about preaching the Gospel? Because he knew the power of the Gospel in his own life…and found people find people!
*Looking forward to preaching this weekend… closing out our 2 – week series of “He’s Still Got the Whole World in His Hands”.
* I think I might preach from the I’d Testament bike of Habakkuk!
* Beginning of a new week… may we experience the Lord’s mercies anew each day. And as my good friend Pastor Steve Hill says, “Walk with the King, and be a blessing!” 😉


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