“So that everyone He has made may know HIS work, He stops all people from their labor” (Job37:7).

It was the winter of 2009-2010.  Snow was everywhere. And .lots of it.  The DC metropolitan area was hit with three blizzards within a 45 day span.  Unheard of for this area.  It’s not very often that we get even one blizzard… but three?  Everything was shut down… and I do mean everything.  There was so much snow people couldn’t get off their streets.  Even if they took a few hours to shovel out their car, they couldn’t go anywhere because most of the side streets hadn’t been plowed. We couldn’t move.  We were trapped. We in the DC area unaffectionately remember that time as Snowmegeddon.

Everything was shut down.

You know, sometimes that happens in life… and not only with snowstorms or blizzards.  It could be a torrential downpour, and you’re driving on the highway and have to pull over.  It’s raining so hard that drivers can’t see where they’re going, so they pull off onto the shoulder.  Their driving, for the moment, is shut down.

Maybe you have been there financially…or emotionally… or relationally… or vocationallyGetting stopped in your tracks is not limited to one particular circumstance.  It can happen in every arena of life.

Sometimes, in order for us to see God working, he causes things to happen so that we have to stop working.  Sometimes… and we might mean well… we’re just so used to working things out ourselves, making it happen, being on our grind, that we begin to live as though we control every outcome, every situation, every hurdle that we face.  “If I simply work hard enough, long enough… I can fix this!”

Except… when we can’t.   Sometimes, situations are simply beyond our control.  Sometimes the pit is simply too big to climb out of,  Sometimes the wall is just too high, too wide… we’re stopped in our tracks.  Everything shuts down.

Then what?

There comes a time (or times) in everyone’s life where you will face a crossroads: Will I continue trying, unsuccessfully, to make it work on my own, or will I finally start trusting God to fix what I can’t?  You’ve heard it before: if you keep doing the same thing the same way, then don’t expect different results.  Maybe God is shutting things down because HE wants to fix it… because all we do is continue to mess it up. Maybe He wants us to pause, and allow Him to work on our behalf.  Maybe He wants us to stop working, so that He can do His work in us and through us… and for us.

Everything has shut down.

That may not be bad thing…

“So that everyone He has made may know HIS work, He stops all people from their labor” (Job37:7).


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