No Bold Predictions…


My very first post of the New Year.

I would like to give a very bold prediction about how I will be more consistent with writing this year… how my passion has returned, and how incredibly excited I am about penning my thoughts.  All of that is true, but I won’t be making any bold predictions.  I want my actions to speak for themselves.  For too long now, my writing has been a reflection of my inner spiritual life… sporadic, at best.  Passionate at times… sometimes lukewarm.  And at other times… downright cold.  Can any of you identify with me?  Can I get a witness?

So no… no bold predictions.  I am excited about writing more consistently (thanks to the constant, loving prodding of some good friends), but I am determined to let my actions speak louder than my words.  And, for real, I’ve kinda put myself out there now… if you don’t see any posts, you’re liable to think, “Uh oh… what’s goin’ on with D Plum??”  Lol.  But that’s cool.  I’ll take accountability any way I can get it.  And inspiration:  my good friend Lana Hailemariam wrote a very inspiring and bluntly transparent post this week that really encouraged me to get crackalackin again (thanks, Lana!)  Not to mention friends who are constantly stay on me to keep writing from my heart (you know who you are… thank you, too).  I’ll take encouragement and inspiration wherever I can get it.

2015  was great in many respects… very difficult in many others… but looking forward to incredible things happening in 2016.  Recently, I am often reminded that I have a lot to pray about… a lot of transitions to think through, and major decisions to makeSo, I could use your prayers.

Well, that’s it for now… one post down… many more to come.  But again… no bold predictions.  However… I will leave you with these three words… and hopefully – for some of you – you will be glad to read them.  Plain and simple…

I’m back y’all. 😉

D Plum






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