A Passionate Life… A Passionate Love

One of the words that has been reverberating in my mind as of late is the word passion.  It’s a word I have long been accustomed to using, but recently have been thinking about it more in my own life.  Here are some of  my thoughts:

  • Most of us will not tolerate (or, at least, are very vocal about our dislike of) a relationship where the other person is blasé, or lacks passion or at least has difficulty in expressing it…
  • Most of us want a love that encourages, inspires, pursues, and is head-over- heels for us…
  • If our spouse or significant other tells us they love us but their expression of it is suspect, at best we give them the “side eye”… and, at worst… well…
  • Yet, many of us who claim to “love” God have an absolute terrible way of showing it.

This isn’t new.  This is what God has put up with from His people throughout time!  He constantly was reminding Israel of their need to honor Him for the God that He is.  In Malachi 2, He says to them, “You have shown [Me] contempt by offering defiled sacrifices on My altar… You defile them by saying the altar of the LORD deserves no respect.  When you give blind animals as sacrifices, isn’t that wrong?  And isn’t it wrong to offer animals that are crippled and diseased?  Try giving gifts like that to your governor and see how pleased he is!” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies” (Mal.2:6-8).


Since we don’t offer animal sacrifices today, let’s put that in today’s vernacular:

“Man, the type of “love” you’re giving is CRAZY!  Try giving that mess to your spouse or loved ones, and see what happens!  And if you can’t give it to them, what makes you think you can give it to your GOD??”

That’s deep.

That’s commitment

But many of us don’t care for deep. Or commitment.  We only want comfortable. But love isn’t always comfortable, because it takes such a passionate commitment.  It takes sacrifice.  Unwavering devotion.  And if the people we say we love won’t accept less, what makes us think God will?

I know I’m guilty here.  I pursue people way more than I do God.  And that’s a shame.  But what really gets me is that I can get pretty upset when people don’t “love” me the way I think they should…but I treat God like that ALL THE TIME.  I can go ALL DAY without letting Him know that I love Him, without talking to Him, without so much as showing Him any sign of pursuit.  “But Darren,” you say, “He knows you love Him!”  And that’s true.  He does.  But try telling your wife or husband, “Of course, I love you.  What, you expect me to say it and show it every day??”  Yeah.  Let me know how that works out for you.

God loves us deeply.  And passionately.  He pursues us wildly.  And He expects us to pursue Him in return.  A “love” that is not a mutual pursuit is not a love at all.  It is a selfish desire to receive attention but only gives little in return.  And if we know that doesn’t work in our human relationships, how much more does it make GOD give us the side eye when we treat Him that way?

This is a serious thing, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  Jesus gave up His life in pursuit of us… and gave us new life as He resurrected from the dead.  If that doesn’t motivate us to pursue Him, nothing will.


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