Irresistible Influence!

More and more… even for those who call themselves Christians… it seems like people are becoming less serious about God, and have little desire to read His Word.  Going to church regularly isn’t that important anymore, because… well… “What difference is it making in my life anyway?” 

That being the case, there is a growing, serious need for Radical Jesus Freaks – followers or Jesus who are so madly in love with him that they have made Him the unequivical pursuit of their life… people who are unashamed Kingdom Influencers, who walk with a holy boldness and Spirit-filled confidence because they not only know what He has done in their life, but are excited about what He can do in the lives of others!

My prayer… and passion… is to see a generation of Jesus lovers being raised up to influence their culture for Him in every way imaginable – through the arts, literature, business, entertainment… everywhere! May the fame of His Name resonate and resound throughout every fabric of life that we touch! 

“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1:17).



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